Free Shipping on all orders in the US above $50!
Free Shipping on all orders in the US above $50!
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Frequently Asked Questions - Drinkswalla FAQ


  • What is Drinkswalla? 
    • Drinkswalla is an adult party game for Desis written through a relatable lens of growing up in today’s world with a South Asian identity. We’ve put a humorous twist on our cultural experiences and turned it into a card game that is guaranteed to bring friends and family together. Each pack contains 100 cards that span 8 different categories - all designed to get the party started!


  • How do you play Drinkswalla? 
    • We recommend playing the game with a minimum of 3 people, but we find that a group of 6-8 is the ideal size. Shuffle the cards well, place them in the center and each player takes turns drawing a card and following the instructions on the card. Detailed instructions and explanations of the categories are included with each game box. Note: drinking is optional to play the game.


  • Can I play this game with people who are not South Asian? 
    • There are cards within Drinkswalla that cross cultural lines. Playing the game with people who aren’t South Asian can be a fun way to get together and share funny anecdotes about what it means to “grow up brown.” Trust us when we say you’ll see a lot of yourself in these stories!


  • What comes in the box?
    • The box includes an instruction booklet and 100 cards that span 8 different categories.


  • Do I need to consume alcohol to play this game?
    • Not at all. Whether it’s mango lassi or beer, bottoms up! 


  • Which countries do you currently ship to?
    • We offer free shipping to the United States on all orders over $50 USD. We also ship Drinkswalla (unfortunately no merch yet!) to Hong Kong, Canada, UK and a number of countries within Asia for an additional cost. If you have any questions regarding our shipping policy or do not see your country listed at checkout, send us an email to


  • Why is shipping so expensive to my country?
    • WE KNOW! We are currently working on setting up additional distribution channels to bring down international shipping costs. If you are ordering multiple packs,  we will do our best to consolidate the shipping to save you as much as possible! (Auntie approved message).